By now you probably have a sense of what we’re trying to do with this blog. We’ve both had two pieces posted about various topics that are based on one theme: how can we be better men? That’s going to be our message going forward, with a couple posts dropping Sunday-Thursday. Fridays, however, are going to be a touch different. While we write about things that concern us through the rest of the week, Fridays are going to be a time when we share things that interest us. These posts will be anything from talking about our favorite books, to how we’ve cooked the perfect steak, to what our favorite shave cream is, to a music video we’ve really been digging lately. Anything goes here. We’ll also be featuring some posts from some of our friends as they trickle in, further expanding this project that is Bald & Bearded. So enjoy. And if there’s something you want to hear about or share with us, let us know at or on at @baldguybeardguy. Thanks for reading, and happy Friday.

-The Beard



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