Friday Listenings

Since I first heard “Good Things” by Scranton, PA’s The Menzingers last summer, I knew I was hooked. I have a great love for bands that straddle the line between American rock and roll and punk rock, and you’d be hard pressed to find a band that captures that driving and upbeat yet melancholic tone like The Menzingers do. Comprised of Tom May (vocals, guitar), Greg Barnett (vocals, guitar), Joe Godino (drums), and Eric Keen (bass), the band has released three full-lengths, the last being (what I consider a masterpiece) 2012’s “On The Impossible Past.” It’s one of those albums that you buy multiple copies of because you wear it down so much through multiple listens, the kind that you play to pull you up from the floor after a bad breakup, or with the windows down screaming down the highway, or with the garage door open to piss off your parent’s neighbors. It’s the kind of music that “takes you back,” that summons memories that are real or that you wish were.

Tuesday, April 22nd is the official release date of The Menzingers’ fourth full-length album, “Rented World.” Two singles off it were released a few weeks ago, “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore” and “In Remission,” and they both have been in constant rotation in my car and home since. They don’t rewrite the book on rock or punk music, but they know who they are and do what they do very well. In our time where we’ve boiled down every type of music into it’s very specific and can’t-be-argued-with subgenre, The Menzingers simply just rock.

You can give all of “Rented World” a listen at here at and pick it up at your normal place for buying music this Tuesday, the 22nd.



The Menzingers “In Remission” 



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