Spiffy Stuff

This beard doesn’t maintain itself. It gets knotted, my left side grows in different directions from my right side, it grows in a wave pattern before falling straight down, and gets awful cowlicks because of its thickness. Part of the reason I keep my hair short is because it became too time consuming to groom my hair AND my beard in the morning, and I was much more attached to the hair below my face than the ones atop it. Below, I’ll let you in on some of my tips and tricks and the products I use to keep this small ecosystem in top shape.

Every man should have a good, sturdy, thick-haired hairbrush. I remember the brush my dad has in the medicine cabinet in our childhood home. He still has it and I usually opt to use it over the brush I pack. It’s coarse and doesn’t brush your hair as much as it forces it in the direction you want. It is unforgiving, or as unforgiving as a hairbrush could be. The brush is a must have for those men wanting to grow their beard beyond a simple shadow or fade, as it helps take your scruff from “hasn’t-seen-humanity-in-ten-months” to “I-would-trust-that-man-to-build-me-a-wooden-desk-by-hand.” For this, options are limitless. Bass makes a great boar bristle brush with a classic wooden handle, but any variation works; I use an $8 Conair I purchased at Target and it works just fine (though I still choose my dad’s brush when visiting).

People often ask if my beard itches or it’s “scratchy.” No, friends, my beard wears like a soft pillow growing from my face, and I have the people at Spiffy Stuff to thank. I started using their products in December 2013 and can not recommend them enough. First: their oils. Their beard oils come in two different scents, “Calming Scent” and “Refreshing” (The Bald & The Beard can appreciate a company that straightforward). Their oils act as something of a conditioner to your beard hairs while also strengthening them. They also work to moisturize the skin beneath the beard, a hard place to reach because of, well, the beard. They also add a pleasing fragrance to your scruff for all around you to be enchanted by.

Lastly, I want to recommend their balms, which come in three scents: “Original,” “Hooligan,” and “City Slicker.” All offer some variation on a musky and outdoorsy smell that sit nicely under your nose. Their balms also condition your facial hair and provide some softness, like their oils, but they have the added bonus of giving you the ability to sculpt your beard into desired form. Need to calm down those two or three unruly hairs that want to do their own thing? Spiffy Stuff can help with that. I don’t travel anywhere without my bair of face soap and a tin of beard balm from Spiffy Stuff.

So there ya have it: three items that help you easily keep your scruff in line. Happy friday, y’all.

-The Beard


image courtesy of www.mensspiffystuff.com


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