The Bald- 

What is the purpose of the Bald & Bearded? It is a place to call our own. It is an open forum for the things that matter (or at least matters in our minds). I have never been the kind of person who can stick to one thing at a time. I get fascinated by one thing and become obsessed…and, eventually, I move on to the next thing. Maybe this is just the next thing I am into, or maybe this is the place where I let those interests continue to live. This is the space where we can discuss all of the thousands of things I am passionate about. I need a place to put the constant ideas running through my head. I need a place to direct my rants about the many things that fire me up, spark my interest or make me upset.

I will try my hardest to be entertaining, and I can be certain I will fail eventually. But, I can promise I will be honest. There will be discussions of real feelings, burgers, music, cocktails, movies, friendships, relationships, religion, politics, pet peeves, gender, race, class, dogs, sports, hair loss remedies, moxie, high fiber diets, regrets, hopes, death, and every aspect of life.

We may not be the voice of our generation, but we are a voice of our generation

The Beard – 

When Conor came up with the idea of collaborating on this blog/website, I was excited about what I could get out of it: a chance to work with one of my best friends (someone I’m so different from but incredibly alike), to bounce ideas and words off of each other from nearly 1,000 miles away, to take the things we’ve mentioned only in text messages, flesh them out, put our names on them, and commit them to paper (well, kind of). It’s been a while since I’ve written anything of importance and put it up for people to see and pick apart – sure, I tried my hand at poetry, songwriting, and short stories, but because of skepticism/fear/doubt/bullshit I convinced myself of, I kept it to myself, in crumpled moleskines sandwiched between copies of The Lord of the Rings or buried in my backpack. I think I’m finally in a good space, though, where I can withstand the criticism, or at least not give a fuck about what people think of me or my writing.

My next thought: what were we ever going to write about? It was important to us that we share what we deeply care about. This space couldn’t be just an extension of our text messages (you’re lucky there); it had to be a somewhat serious place, or else you wouldn’t care about and we’d probably abandon it in a week’s time. No, this had to come from a place of truth. We had to speak from what we know and what we loved: the outdoors, food, music, AMERICA, alcohol, politics, comic books, Legos, television and movies that make you think.

So we’re here. We honestly believe that we have something to share, whether we want to talk about the future of America’s two party system, the best bourbon for your buck, the newest folk group you haven’t heard of yet, or if cats are better than dogs… Just a bald guy from the east coast, a bearded guy from the midwest, and their musings. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.


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