The Writers

I suppose it all started years ago, before the Beard had whiskers and the Bald still had hair (kind of). Two young men arrived on the campus of a small liberal arts college in central Ohio. One had a deep bellowing voice, gauges in his ears, tattoos on his arms, and “PANTERA “on his black cut off t-shirt. He had more hair on his shoulders than most of our fathers and his love of beat-down hardcore and metal scared the living shit out of us. The other, an east coast kid who loved to rock a bow tie and pastel pants whenever he could. He had a hairline that also reminded his classmates of their fathers (or maybe a weird uncle).  He was crass and abrasive, but somehow charming.


The two became friends.

Adam T. Schick:

What this space means to me: a place to think, to share, to show you the things I love and why I love them. A place to talk about last night’s debate/game/concert. A place where I can tell you why Thai food is the best food on Earth. A place to complain to you about what I think we’re missing out on as citizens of our towns, our states, our country, our world. A blank page where I can tell you why whiskey, in all it’s great forms, is the nectar of the gods, but vodka can be good too. A place for me to tell you why I think letlive. is making some of the most important music today, or why every kid should have a set of Legos and not an iPad. A place where I can expunge the notion that websites and writing geared towards men has to only be focused on working out, sports, or women’s breasts. A place where, through my words, I can try and find my role in this ever-shifting world. A place where I can create, dissect, tell stories, and express frustrations, that’s open for you to agree with, question, or hate me too. This is your space too. I am the beard, and I’m a man.

CF O’Rourke:

I am bald and in my mid twenties. I am an optimist by trade and a mama’s boy by birth. I love my family. I am an extrovert with ADHD. I like old stuff. I like music and I love the sound of a banjo. I like sports, mostly because they often bridge the gaps between generations and create a common bond as a society. I love my country, but recognize its many flaws. I love to cook and play with LEGOS. I like to go hiking and kayaking and I love to shoot my shotgun. I am a feminist. I love vodka, bourbon and IPAs. I laugh at farts and I love to question my own religious beliefs. I am fascinated by politics. I am constantly searching for my identity as I grow and the world changes around me. I am a man.


Bald & the Beard

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